Quick Design Studio (QDS) is the platform where our clients’ innovative ideas are converted into reality.  In this lab, new ideas are studied and given serious consideration to with a view to developing the products for the future.
QDS takes advantage of new technologies to conceive great ideas including wearables, VR, RFID, AR, Beacons, and the likes. QDS is an environment that is conducive to strategic thinking, fun, and creativity.  It is born out of the desire to explore possibilities.
The lab is situated away from the main QDS office and is an independent entity that focuses on creating prototypes for projects. The speed of operation at QDS enables the company to deliver proof-of-concept swiftly to clients so that they can explore big ideas in the best manner in an environment that offers efficiency and low risk.
Apart from being a lab where our clients can bring their ideas into reality, QDS has also imbibed innovative thinking in its staff and that has proved useful in driving our passion and understanding for the next innovation.
The QDS team comprises of highly gifted individuals who are passionate about new innovations. We love being the leading name in our field and have thus developed a culture that dares to be creative.
Since our business foundation is built on mutual respect and collaboration with our clients, our team derives motivation from clients’ success and the mutual passion for the digital.
As a web design company, we also deliver attractive sites with irresistible user interface and user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) that are search engine friendly to our numerous clients too.
QDS is located in Vancouver in Canada. At inception, we concentrated on improving our clients’ ranking on search engines through Search Engine Optimization. However, we have gradually included web design in our services and have built a WordPress agency where we offer support to our growing list of clients.
Although QDS started out primarily as an agency business, the need to walk the talk has made us run a couple of our websites where we practice what we preach and put ourselves in our clients’ shoes.