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Digital Strategy

Your brand needs an effective online presence. At QDS, we increase your brand’s online presence and develop a long-term strategy that will improve the effectiveness and reach of your brand with a tested and proven methodology. We analyze your competitors critically;,offer you practical insights and an effective blueprint that will create an awesome future for your brand. If you want improved leads, better targeted traffic, increase conversion rates, or use the power of social media engagement to improve your business or brand, we will tailor our digital strategy to meet those needs. .

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App Building and Gamification

We are passionate about creating engaging and user-friendly mobile experiences at QDS. As such, we build apps on different platforms including Android and iOS for gamification, social applications, and API integrations. We are adept at helping our clients to convert their ideas into awesome mobile experiences that will help our clients to establish and maintain better and stronger relationships with their customers.

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Design & User Experience

We are one of the leading web design companies and USA agencies in Vancouver. We are passionate about simplifying designs and creating user-oriented designs. By using our customer intelligence, data analysis, research, workshops, and other relevant tools, we identify key opportunities and insights. These opportunities are subjected to testing and prototyping so that we can create the best intuitive digital experience for our clients. We do this through the creation of an attractive visual design that will ultimately lead to increased customer engagement.